Meet Our beekeeper LEE

Lee is the heart and soul of our beekeeping operation, with a lifelong passion for bees. As an advocate for sustainable beekeeping and a guardian of our hives, Lee invites you to join him for an interactive tour of our apiary. His wealth of experience and deep-rooted love for bees ensure a captivating and educational experience for all who visit.

Lee is a master of his craft, understanding the nuances of honey production like no other. His meticulous care and expertise shine through in every jar of honey produced, making it a true testament to the art of beekeeping.

Beyond his beekeeping skills, Lee is a natural educator. He takes great joy in sharing his knowledge with others, imparting the age-old wisdom and modern practices that keep our bees thriving. As your guide on our interactive tours, he ensures a rich and enlightening experience.

Lee, our resident beekeeping expert, invites you to join him for an interactive tour of our apiary. Explore the enchanting world of bees, learn their secrets, and witness the magic of beekeeping through his experienced eyes. Lee’s passion and knowledge will transform your visit into an unforgettable experience, where the wisdom of tradition meets the wonders of nature.  

Join us on an exciting honey bee tour!

Get up close with these amazing creatures and learn about their fascinating lives.  Honey bees are incredible insects that play a vital role in pollination and honey production.  They live in hives and have a complex social structure with a queen, worker bees, and drones.

Imagine bees flitting from flower to flower, the sweet smell of honey lingering in the air,  the buzz of thousands of bees coming and going, and you standing in the middle of it all.  You might even get accustomed to the buzz.   It is not every day that you get to see our pollinators at work, this experience is only offered during the bee keeping season.

Taste The Sweet Honey

Experience the pure essence of nature’s golden treasure with our delectable honey straight from the hive. Delight in the rich, amber nectar as it dances on your taste buds, a symphony of sweetness and warmth. Each spoonful carries the whispers of wildflowers, meadows, and the diligent work of honeybees.

Experience interacting with bees

Step into the heart of the hive and witness the astonishing inner workings of a bee colony. Spot the majestic queen bee, delicate eggs, tender larvae, and pupae in their transformative cocoons. You might even gently touch a bee, forging a connection with these remarkable creatures. 

Beecome a beekeeper

Enter the captivating realm of beekeeping and honey production through our immersive Beekeeping Tour Experience. Donned in a protective bee suit, complete with a veil and gloves, you’ll be well-equipped for a deep dive into this engaging journey.

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